Foto: Park- och naturförvaltningen

The Rose Gardens

The park is one of the leading rosaria of Northern Europe. Here you can find old garden roses, modern and western Swedish rarities.

The rose, the queen of flowers, has long had a prominent place in Trädgårdsföreningen.

With the aid of the reverend Göte Haglund’s donation of his collection of roses the park was able in 1987 to pride itself in becoming one of the leading rosaria of Northern Europe. The rosarium, which is in three parts, presents modern roses sorted by group in the Rose Oval. The old fashioned roses have been brought together in the Rose Park in delightful harmony with perennials such as salvia and catmint. In the Rose Archive you can find western Swedish rarities. Small birds do an excellent job in keeping bugs down and are rewarded with inviting nesting boxes.